Why register?

Registration is required mainly to facilitate you. As a registered user on subsequent orders, you will not need to enter your personal information and address again because the system stores them. You have the opportunity to add, delete and edit the entered addresses, to track your order history and quickly order from your favorite restaurants and dishes at any time.

Who will deliver the order?

Deliveries are most often carried out by a courier of the restaurant from where the order is. Exceptions are some restaurants in Bucharest, for which the delivery is made by a specialized courier company. Oliviera’s operators track each order at any step and if necessary will contact you for further details.

What is the Takeout service?

The Takeout service means to pre-order food you can take on your own from the restaurant. This is a convenience in the situations when the restaurant is close to you or when it is on your way. You can get your food immediately after it’s been prepared, saving time and money for delivery.

How and When is the payment made?

At Oliviera, you can pay by one of the following methods:

  • Online with Debit/Credit card via PayPal
  • In Cash on delivery to the courier who delivers your order
  • Cheque Dejeuner, Edenred, Sodexo vouchers

How do I use my virtual wallet?

The amount you have in your wallet can be used on orders from all restaurants that deliver to your address and offer online payment as well as those who offer cash payments. Restaurants where virtual wallet can be used for cash payments are marked with an icon (gift).

Is it more expensive to order via Internet?

Oliviera keeps transparency in relationships and services. Therefore, the prices of goods and services are the same, whether you order with us, on-site with partner, by phone or via Internet.

In which cities and regions are deliveries carried out?

Currently, Oliviera works with restaurants in Bucharest, Constanta and Timisoara.

How much is the delivery?

The delivery cost varies from 0.00 lei to 15 lei and it’s determined by the restaurant, the order value and the area for which the delivery will take place. The delivery cost for each restaurant is displayed in "Your Cart" after you choose the neighborhood and add something to your cart.

How long does it take to deliver the order?

In 90% of the orders, your food arrives in 50 minutes or less. The delivery time depends on the restaurant from where you order – you can check the estimated delivery time in the profile of each restaurant and after ordering, we will inform you of the time remaining until the arrival of the food.

How to understand the working hours of an actual restaurant?

In the restaurant’s list in a given category, you can use the filter on the left and sort out only the working restaurants. Also, in the page of each restaurant at the top, there’s a clock in the toolbar that informs you how soon your order can be executed. A detailed time of each restaurant can be seen in its full description.

Is it certain that my order will be executed?

Oliviera continually strives to high professionalism and perfect customer service. If there are inaccuracies or problems occur with the implementation of your order, an Oliviera operator will contact you on the provided phones in your profile in order to inform you.

Can I order for a later time or for another day?

Yes. The system allows you to choose the day and time of delivery, consistent with the opening hours of the restaurant and Oliviera. Date and time for delivery are specified in Step 2 from the process of sending an order.

Can I edit my order?

When you choose an item, it is added to your shopping cart. The system enables you to delete previously selected items or change their quantity. However, when clicking on the ‘Finalyze’ button, online changes are not possible.

If after this moment you need to make any changes in your order, contact an Oliviera operator at 021.9697 as quickly as possible - if the order is still being prepared and not taken by a courier, the changes will be made.

Where can I write some requirements that I want for my selected dishes?

Under the name of each dish is a link ‘Make according to your taste’, so if pressed an additional field where you can enter your specific requirements will open, for example no onions, well baked, etc will open.

Separately, in Step 2: Order Details, there is a Comment field in which you can enter any additional requirements you have.

How can I receive an invoice?

You can enter your invoice details in Step 2 of the order process, after ticking the box "I have a company and I want to get an invoice".

How do I know for sure that my order has been received?

After selecting all desired items, click the "Order" button and you will move on to the final order confirmation. When the order is submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation email. When the order is sent successfully, you will receive an email with confirmation.

Will they contact me if there is a problem with my order?

Certainly. If for some reason your order can not be executed (eg. missing items or there is a difference in the price) an Oliviera operator will definitely call to inform you on the provided numbers in your profile.

Can I add things to the order that has been already sent?

Yes, but you should call an Oliviera operator at 021.9697 as quickly as possible. If your order has not been taken by the courier yet, the changes will be reflected but that might extend the delivery time.

Can I cancel an order that has been already sent?

The only way to cancel an order that has been already sent, is to contact an Oliviera operator at 021.9697 as soon as possible.

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